Are they talking about you and your business?

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Dear fellow business owner…

Have you ever heard someone say …

“I want to support this business, but they have no reviews”


“I went to this business’s Facebook page and the last post was 2 months ago- Are they even open?”


” I commented on a few posts of theirs, but no one said anything back”

Probably not. But they are being said every day and this may be happening to your business as well.

If you are not providing social proof that you are in business and WANT to help your prospects and customers, then you may be losing new customers.

How can you solve this?

One way is to pay attention to what people are saying and ask them to say more about you.

But we know, this takes time and is frustrating and gets in your way of making new sales.

What if there was an easy, effective way to solve this problem?

There is … We have spent the past two years developing a easy and effective system to help you

– Get New Reviews
– Reply and thank them for the review
– Display your reviews on your website
– Schedule posts to all your social walls
– Monitor all your social walls for mentions and opportunities
– Watch what your competition is doing and what reviews they are getting
– Watch your Google Ads
– Monitor Your Google Analytics. All from your PC or phone
– And more….all in just minutes per day

We offer a 14-day free trial so you can see it in action for yourself…

Here is what a few have said

“This saves me time and money every week. If you are a business service owner like me, I would recommend you check this system out”


“I almost didn’t want to review Advoria because this is my golden secret system! I get fresh new reviews every day, I am able to post consistently now on my social walls and the software does more than it says!”

To learn what all the buzz is about visit us at


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