How to Get More Google Reviews? Use a Service Like Advoria to Help You Get More and More

How often have you looked at Google reviews before going to an establishment? How important is what other users think about it?

Every day it is more common to do a previous “investigation” and see what other internet users are talking about. That is why we will explain the importance of reviews and how to increase the number of google maps reviews on your profile.

What are Google Reviews?

Google reviews are a customer assessment of a company, whatever the sector, that is on google maps and has offered us a service. In it, you can rate from 1 to 5 your experience as a user, write a comment, and add images or videos.

We all know about Google reviews, and 90% of consumers read them when searching for a business, company, or service before making a purchase decision. The reviews help us to know through other clients or users the site, the treatment, and aspects that stand out.

Currently, the reviews are acquiring great value. They help in the SEO ranking of your company and the profile you have on Google My Business and make it easier for your business to appear on Google maps within the best positions. All this translates to being a key factor in purchasing decision-making, which is why they are of great importance.

How to get more Google Reviews?

Various means exist today to encourage your customers to leave a review on your Google profile. We know that as a company you want immediate results, and therefore you would be willing to pay money for it.

Buying reviews for your Google Business profile is a “shortcut” that we do not contemplate. It is always better to have 100% accurate evaluations that serve your potential clients.

That is why we will explain different ways to obtain and make more and more of your satisfied customers leave a review on your Google profile. 

Invite your customers to leave a review 

You must remember that a large part of business success comes from satisfied customers, so it is more than interesting for your company that they recommend your services and products.

It is important to communicate the facilities put to the client to leave the valuation. The question is often the following, how do I do it without intimidating? How do I get it actually to take place? Following are some recommendations:

  • Do not insist on getting a review; it could make them feel bad and even change their user experience for it.
  • Have a QR code with the direct link at your point of sale so that they can give you the evaluation.
  • Try to find out their rating beforehand and invite them to give you a rating on your google maps profile.

Not always will these evaluations be positive. Deleting google reviews may be your first instinct, but there are always other alternatives that will improve your position and your image as a brand.

Among them is answering the review exposing the facts from your point of view, providing an explanation to your customers, and offering them an after-sales service to solve the problem.

Keep social media in mind

Every day social networks are more present. There are multiple advantages and importance that these platforms have for companies. You must know which social networks are best for your company and which ones best match your target audience and customers.

There are also sections to leave opinions, such as Facebook if you have a page or other formats, either on Twitter or in an Instagram story.

Here your community manager will make a lot of sense and redirect all those good reviews to your Google Business profile. There are several methods, such as entering direct links to it.

Combine it with your email marketing campaign

Having a database with your clients streamlines many procedures and facilitates communication between the company and them. Being subscribed to a newsletter means that the company has continuous and direct contact with the client and can use this method. Among the various benefits that this tool can offer you is feedback through a CTA (Call to Action). A call to action, get your customers to leave you a review within the google profile.

The advantage that it provides, the client is connected to the network, and therefore with just one click, the window will open to submit the review.

Tips for using your Google Reviews

If you have your reviews on Google maps, you can take advantage of these customer reviews. Their use is entirely in the hands of the company that manages the Google My Business profile.

One piece of advice that we offer you is that you use them to your advantage by implementing the strategy that you have within your website. Having the evaluations of your clients within your web page will translate into two feelings for those who are reading them.

On the one hand, as a company, you will show confidence but also future clients will be encouraged to write them. The simple fact of appearing reviews on your website will be like an incentive for them.

Keep in mind, then, save space within your website to put those testimonials, positive evaluations.

Use Advoria Reviews Management Service

Advoria’s review request and management service help you get the best reviews and ratings for your business so you can attract more customers and increase your sales.

What do the Advoria review request and management service consist of?

Advoria customers will be able to easily request reviews on Google My Business from their own customers. Google My Business reviews help other users understand how the customer experience was, and their positive ratings encourage other users and reinforce the brand image of your business.

How to contact the service of management and request reviews?

To contract advoria’s review request and management service, you only have to send us the form at the top of this page, and we will be able to contact you to activate the service.

Advoria’s review collector service is managed from the business area, in the “Review generation” section, so it is very easy to access. Once there, different options appear to request the evaluation of those clients you have contact with.

Why Trust Advoria?

Advoria’s testimonial collector and management service is very simple and is an easy and convenient way to obtain reviews on Google My Business, which offers many advantages such as:

  • Repeated positive reviews make your business appear more often on Google Maps.
  • Your company will improve its positioning by being more recognized by other users in the face of Google, especially in local SEO.
  • Users will be able to find your company through any device more easily.
  • You will improve communication with your customers directly.


It is not an easy task to get reviews for your business. As you may have deduced after reading it, it is a task for two, and this is when your after-sales service makes great sense. It has a very important goal, to collect as many stars as possible.

If you need help or a guide to boost your entire business in the digital environment, do not hesitate to contact Advoria. We will be willing to offer you their best advice and tools to boost your business and make it as efficient as possible.

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