How To Succeed In business in 2021

How to succeed in business in 2021

Running and managing a business these days is not an easy endeavor.  If you are a business owner and trying to grow your business, your digital reputation is something that is no longer an option or an accessory.  Your reputation matters and here is why.  

Today, consumers have so many choices of who they can buy from.  A lot of times the mega corporations are getting a majority of the business you are trying to get.  These companies have what seems like an unlimited budget and footprint to serve way more than you. Your odds of competing head to head with conglomerate corporations are very slim, so how and why would a new business try and compete in today’s marketplace?

I’m all lost in the supermarket

I can no longer shop happily

I came in here for a special offer

A guaranteed personality

Many times, this is how your customers feel.  They hear all the time that they should support the independent business, but so many times these businesses can not be found. And if they are found, they don’t have very good online information, websites, or even worse…reputation. In addition, sometimes getting to your business location could be a challenge with public parking needed and numerous weather problems that could hinder your prospect from coming to your business over the large parking lot big brands we all compete with. 

So how can a business survive in the 2021 economy? Become a reputable brand and company through the use of reputation management. So, what is reputation management? 

Well, these days everyone knows that when they need something, they will go onto their smart device and do a search.  What they find is reputation.  You either have a good one, a bad one, or you are not even a part of the conversation.  However, there is good news. You can complete and match any big box store system with a concerted and smart effort. 

What is involved in reputation management? That is a great question and I will answer this using an example. When you want to order food online, what is it that you look at?  First, you search for your favorite food or even name and a group of listings come up. On a mobile device, this is extremely location sensitive. So, generally speaking, if you are in Columbus, and want a taco in Cleveland, then you need to ADD the location to the search. 

However, if you are in Columbus and looking for tacos, and on your mobile device, the search engine you are using will locate you through your phone GPS and display local listings to you.  So, if one of your competitors for tacos is say, Taco Bell, yet someone is a mile from your business on their phone, then your listing has a much better potential of populating in this search result when you focus on your reputation and manage it properly online. Especially if the said Taco Bell location is a little further from your location. 

What are some of the most important factors of being found online and your reputation management? It is the amazing free tools and pages that are available to your business today. If your business is not taking advantage of these amazing free tools for promoting your business then you really need to start now. 

What are these

  1. Google My Business – A mandatory item now. You must claim and optimize your business page and listing now.  You will never be found online without this. This is the A Number One priority.


  2. Facebook Business Page – If you do not have a Facebook business page, then get one now. It’s free. A billion eyes are on Facebook every day. End of sentence.


  3. Twitter Account – If you do not have a Twitter business page, then get one now. It’s free. A half a billion eyes are on Twitter every day.


  4. Linked In Business Page – If you do not have a Linked In business page, then get one now. It’s free. A 1/4 a billion eyes are on LinkedIn every day


  5. Citation Management – Citation management is the process of guaranteeing that your NAP, name, address, and phone number are listed properly, that Google is able to retrieve this information and that you are listed on a LOT of networks and directories. 

What is Citation Management?

Through optimizing your citation management portion of your reputation management strategy, you can really begin to gain local customers – every single day – and very quickly. Using the above search example, the mobile device will display the closest and most relevant businesses it finds. It just does not know this by chance.  You may get lucky and have your business picked up, but to really get a headstart and get more business every single day, adding citation management to your digital marketing stack is a must. 

All of these factors derive relevance for your business. In addition, we have tools available that you can also add your own answers to the voice searches that are happening at an alarming rate this year. 

More Facts About Citation Management 

100% Complete Verified Listings – For the Consumer

  • It saves the consumer money.
  • Consumers can find the information they need faster. The fact is they would save 0.74 minutes per search if they saw a verified listing. It is estimated that this could be worth around $9 to a consumer over a year for each type of business they find. Cha Ching!
  • It saves the consumer time.
  • It reduces the time spent searching for information on a business in an environment where time is increasingly valuable.
  • It gives the consumer confidence.

Consumers have greater confidence in a business they see when the listing is verified. Businesses whose listings are verified are twice as likely to be considered “reputable.” By also supplying them with more information, a verified listing thereby increases confidence that a business is legitimate or still exists.

It helps the consumer find what they want. 

79% of users report they can find a product or service that better matches what they are looking for if it shows up on the search engine results page. It also gives them the opportunity to compare offerings or discover new businesses offering a service they are looking for.

Facts About Complete Verified Listings – For the Business

  • It gives the business more online activity.
  • Analysis shows that complete listings are associated with at least a 30% increase in homepage click throughs
  • The business realizes savings in customer acquisition.
  • Complete listings with enhanced data are associated with additional online activity. If the cost of a click is worth $0.62, we estimate that this could be worth around $250 a year per business. In small communities, the additional traffic could be worth between $140,000 and $315,000 a year, while in large cities it could be between $850,000 and $7M a year. Again, Cha Ching!
  • It helps the business stand out.
  • The business can use the information and pictures to better differentiate itself from its competitors, increasing revenues and profits.
  • Helps the business acquire new customers at a lower cost than before, making the firm more efficient and productive.


Time Savings is a Big Winner for Me

I don’t know about you, but for me, anytime I can save time is a blessing, especially as we become busier as a society. The more information on a listing, like “Hours of Operations,” the more time that could be spent on other leisure activities or working harder to make more money. I’m not the only one who feels that way. Look at the chart below.

Increased Information and Time Savings

If This Doesn’t Convince You to Optimize Your Listings, Keep Reading

As you know, user reviews, which provide third-party credibility and additional information about a retailer or service, are associated with large increases in online activity. But, did you know that having a link to a website attribute is also associated with large differences in inactivity, and businesses that include a URL have 60% more direction requests than those that do not? So do you want more business? Make sure the following are on all your listings…


I know there are a lot of numbers in this article, but after reading this, you should be convinced that there are many benefits for both businesses and consumers if we would all just take the time to completely fill out, optimize and verify business listings in the Google My Business directory and any other important directories or profiles that are available. We would improve the financial and non-financial outcomes for every community, just by adding all the information we can to our listings. 

If you want your business to get a head start on your competition, you can give us a call or start your 14-day free trial today.  This way you can begin to optimize your journey and have the best reputation management software and 5-star review system working for YOUR business.

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