Importance of Getting Customer Reviews for Your Business

The internet has brought everything to our fingertips, from buying daily necessities to our next new shoe purchase. The internet has evolved. It went from being a place to put a simple website to promote your business. However, it has further advanced to a forum where people check items and services based on reviews from like-minded consumers.

What value do customers place on customer reviews? As it turns out, this is quite significant. Consumers check internet reviews 90% of the time before visiting a business. Furthermore, 88% of consumers believe online evaluations are as trustworthy as personal advice.

Studies on the importance of customer review

Only brand trust and affection are built through reviews, and they can also affect sales and increase revenue.

Fan & Fuel (2016):

94% of internet shoppers check reviews before making a choice.

The Spiegel Research Centre (2017):

95% of buyers go through product reviews before making a purchase.

BrightLocal (2017):

97% of consumers use reviews to find local providers. Consumers read evaluations for restaurants and cafés 60% of the time, B&Bs 40% of the time, and medical services 33% of the time.

Small Business Trends (2017):

83% of job seekers rely on reviews to help them decide which companies to apply to. In addition, 84% of patients read online reviews before visiting a doctor.

A study by Harvard Business School:

An increase of one star on Yelp results in a 5-9% boost in revenue.

A study by TrustYou:

Travelers are 3.9x more likely to choose an accommodation with a better review score when rates are comparable.

Reasons Why Customers Reviews are important

To better understand customers

Analyzing customer reviews and feedback can help your firm better understand overall customer satisfaction. It is because these are doors to give insight into what your consumers expect or want.

You get to improve customer service by resolving customers’ difficulties, resulting in a great experience for the client and putting the focus on their needs by using this insightful data as input.

Social Proof & Credibility

Without question, we are social beings curious to hear what others have to say before making judgments. Review sites allow businesses to ask friends and family for suggestions. It works in the same way we would ask friends and family for recommendations in person.

Boost Your Rankings

In local SEO reviews are the most important ranking element. It greatly helps companies in ranking at search engines despite low-quality link profiles.

Pages with reviews that reference a term and the name of a city get higher rankings in Google’s local pack. At a high level, having a phrase you’re attempting to rank for in reviews and a mention of a city you’re trying to rank in has a strong link with high-ranking Google My Business results.

Your Customers Are Marketing for You

Positive internet business reviews are extremely valuable and are now a standard business requirement for a business that wants to attract new customers. They can provide your company with advantages over other companies that have no or very little reviews. To summarize, it’s the micro-marketing strategy that continues to work even after an online review has been placed. It gives the businesses a permanent positive image to potential buyers. It also fosters ongoing brand awareness to benefit the business in the short and long run.

Positive feedback leads to more positive feedback

Positive reviews also encourage others to offer their feedback when a business has already earned positive reviews. A few good reviews give other customers the confidence to share their thoughts about a specific product or service or business.

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